Looping PowerRoom ®

Efficient operations for effective communications

With this model, our newsroom experts optimise our clients' communication and marketing processes, build truly integrated communication for them or support them in setting up physical and virtual newsrooms. In our consultancy, we combine strategy, consulting, editorial and data analysis.

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Brand Protection

Protect your  brand and its reputation

Brand Protection is a vital consultant for your brand. It identifies risks and critical comments and gives recommendations on how to minimise them. We advise on secure data and experience.

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One Production ®

Shoot fantastic movies – make fantastic savings

One Production® is a cost effective and cost-efficient way to create tailored marketing content that tells a consistent brand story across all relevant media channels. 

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Looping Metaverse Solutions

Real ecosystems in a virtual world

We are a forward thinking, strategic consultancy and concept bureau. We learn along with our clients. We match their capabilities with the changing opportunities in the Metaverse. 

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Luxury Loop

Decode contemporary desire

Luxury knows no boundaries, but luxury knows change. Our experts at Maison Luxe continuously study the luxury industry and its trends. We balance exclusivity with inclusive, modern communication.

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Corporate Publishing

Discover the power of publishing

Browsing through the pages of a magazine can be an immersive experience. If produced, crafted and designed with the highest standards, printed magazines are precious, exclusive and highly desirable.

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Sustainability Loop

Eco-friendly communication

Sustainability is a key transformation and growth driver in any company. It is crucial to know how your brand is impacting the planets ecosystem and future generations. 

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Experience e-commerce in the metaverse

Humanverse is a 3D live streaming technology that invites you and your customers into the virtual space. It enables you to set up a virtual human-to-human sales conversation. People follow people, not avatars.

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Looping Start-Up Solutions

Build a brand that fuels profitability

We support start-ups by solving their communication challenges. Together we set the goals and together we achieve them. ​

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Command Centre

Turn measurements into improvements

Our Command Centre is a fully automated end-to-end data analytics platform. It allows your creative team to focus on what really matters — creating content that builds your business.

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