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Founded in 2016 by journalists, creatives and producers. We embrace digital, data analytics and content to help brands to succeed in today’s always-on, consumer-led, editorial society. We create content that continuously attracts attention, engages audiences and delivers tangible business results. We are experts at combining powerful words with striking imagery to create unique, unforgettable narratives.


Ambition, Bravery and Collaboration are a set of skills and behaviours we value. We call these values the LOOPING GROUP ABC.
They form the basis of our culture.

Ambition: With the highest aspirations we are determined to achieve our goals and deliver world class work.

Bravery: We have the courage to challenge the status quo, re-invent ourselves and constantly move forward.

Collaborative: We are hungry to learn from the best and we know that great teams are more than the sum of their parts.

Our ABC is more than just a nice set of words, it is the genuine value of everyone in our company.


We believe every person, every business, every brand, has a story to tell. These stories deserve to be told with integrity, conviction and heart.
With a combination of fearless exploration and discovery of insight, we search for and find the truth. We combine data with journalistic rigour and commercial vigour to craft stories that leave their mark. Whether you are a person, business or brand, your truth should be powerfully told.


We set up our company to service the needs of our very first client – Mercedes-Benz. We created a newsroom, a publishing house, a social listening unit, a film production department, a brand strategy group, a public relations team, an events team and a data and analytics department. As our client list grew, our experience, expertise and services grew with them.

Since 2021 we are proudly responsible for BMW's PR, Editorial and Social Media, worldwide.

We connected with the interior design business, with Vitra, Bulthaup, Classicon and Occhio.

The Human Vaccines Project, AOK, MEDISinn, The New Institue, Messe Leipzig and KORIAN took us into healthcare.

We stepped into the fashion industry, with Garhammer, Tiffany & Co, Breuninger, Giorgio Armani and Thomas Sabo.

We gained interest in the financial market, working with Allianz, Munich Re, Serafin, UVC Partners, Arvantis and Ergo.

In the food and drink category we started working with Ritter Sport, Iglo and Eckes Granini.

In the public services sector, we began working with Thalia Theatre, Gasag and the Stadt Münster.

The Marine Stewardship Council, The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy and Ashoka introduced us to the Environmental, Social & Governance category.

With PINKTUM, Sooner and Netflix we entered the exciting world of entertainment.

More recently, we have welcomed ASUS into our technology portfolio, as a result, we have now added Advertising to our ever-growing list of world class services.


While our list of clients and services continues to grow, so does our list of best-in-class partners.

We own and publish the ever growing, award winning — Madame & Monsieur Magazine.

We partner with UnternehmerTUM to help turn entrepreneurial visions into successful businesses.

We work with Mirriad to digitally place brands into the content the world watches every day.

We have a joint venture with Vita Health Media to communicate healthy living across all channels.

With our partners 101% we are now able to develop cross-media digital storytelling experiences creating virtual ecosystems around people.


Tina Turner New York Times Best Selling biography
Virgil Abloh Exclusive collaboration with Vitra
Alicia Keys Emotional connections with Mercedes-Benz
Lewis Hamilton Adrenaline rush with AMG
Will.I.Am Unexpected turns with AMG
Billie Eilish Gen Z connections for Telekom Electronic Beats
Hans Zimmer A moving soundtrack for BMW
Christoph Waltz A Christmas Story for BMW
Arnold Schwarzenegger Electric performance for BMW
Salma Hayek Sparkling performance for BMW
Reuben Wu Incredible Aeroglyphs for Asus
Victoria Swarovski Dreams comes true for AMG
Honey Dijon Defining a new audience for Telekom Electronic Beats
Kennedi Carter Capturing Alicia for She’s Mercedes-Benz magazine