Want to know who we are?

Culture Deck

Our Culture Deck seeks to foster a binding force. And it's based on our genuine values. AMBITION. BRAVERY. COLLABORATION. It is the framework for all our decisions, on every level. Ready? Let's start.

be Ambitious


Because we have high aspirations, are determined to achieve our goals and strive to deliver world class work.

We aim high

By 2026, we want to be one of Europe’s Top 5 storytelling and communication agencies.

We’ll keep on learning

From each other. From our clients. Learning is not an option. It is imperative.

For us, ambition means pace. Pace, pace, pace

We value precision above perfectionism.

Magic is our profession

And we believe that magic happens when we work together across disciplines.

We strive to deliver world class work

If we’re not happy with the result, we’ll keep working. It’s all about feedback.

We believe in meritocracy

We provide equal opportunities for everyone. It's up to all of us what we do with them. We are fully committed to performance.

We celebrate and reward outstanding work

Achieving excellence pays off at LOOPING GROUP.

be Brave


Because we have the courage to challenge the status quo, re-invent ourselves and constantly move forward.

Bravery fuels our dreams

We are in the business of storytelling. And storytelling is worldbuilding. So, let’s build a world together.

We believe that bravery originates from freedom

Freedom to believe in the unseen. Freedom to pursue the unheard of. Freedom to fail.

And if we don’t help each other out — one of us has to point that out

Failure to speak up hurts our team.

We are not naive

We know freedom is strenuous. And that it needs a structure.

We don’t hide behind imperfect briefings

We actively shape our tasks.

Bravery means giving candid feedback

And accepting criticism.

Sometimes, showing weakness is the bravest thing to do

We help each other out when one of us gets stuck. Nobody is left behind.

Our rules guarantee that freedom

Ultimately, we expect all of us to make use of our freedom.

be Collaborative


Because we are hungry to learn from the best and know that great teams are more than the sum of their parts.

We have each other’s backs. Always

Showing vulnerability creates trust. Trust creates safety. Safety creates excellence.

No one is bigger than the team

A brilliant, yet toxic colleague will not prosper here.

This equally applies to our clients

Yes, the client is king. But we are not servants.

We hire people who bring energy to the team

Energy combined with sensitivity.

We rejoice in the diversity of our teams

And we work hard to safeguard inclusion. We value the individual and treat everyone fairly which means, fair pay, equal opportunities and flexible work.

For us diversity is the source of creativity

We believe in the diversity of personalities. In the freedom of speech. As long as nobody gets hurt.

We respect each others’ time off

Sick leave means sick leave. Vacation means vacation.

We respect each others’ time

Communication is concise. Meetings are prepared. Agendas are set. Being late is not cool, be it Junior or C-Suite.