Alexandros Stefanidis in an interview with kress pro: The new direction of 'MONSIEUR' and the change of German men

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Anja Suren, Director Corporate Communications, LOOPING GROUP

MONSIEUR's Editor-in-Chief, Alexandros Stefanidis, recently sat down with kress pro to discuss the exciting reinvention of MONSIEUR magazine. Born out of a women's magazine, MONSIEUR has evolved into a stand-alone title that aims to create a vibrant community that appeals to both male and female readers.

In today's ever-changing media landscape, this is no easy task: Established titles are being re-evaluated and MONSIEUR is boldly taking up the challenge. The editorial team is determined to make MONSIEUR a distinctive and indispensable magazine, focusing on substance, reader relevance and, above all, compelling storytelling.

The target audience is set - MONSIEUR wants to attract male readers over 40, a demographic group that is often discussed but rarely given the opportunity to speak for itself. MONSIEUR aims to provide a space for these men to reflect on current debates, not only on traditional men's issues, but also on social change and changing masculinity.

Inspired by the success of MADAME, they also want to go beyond the printed page and create a space where audiences can come together and engage in meaningful discussions.

To learn more about MONSIEUR's vision and goals, read the full interview in the current issue of kress pro 06/23