Launch of new BMW print magazine FREUDE.FOREVER

Words by

Anja Suren, Senior Lead Corporate Communications, LOOPING GROUP

FREUDE.FOREVER - the new BMW print magazine for the international market in partnership with THEGAME.

With FREUDE.FOREVER, BMW introduces a magazine that embodies sensuality, future viability, and attitude - haptically, optically, and textually - to its worldwide audience. Reaching out to a customer segment that is interested in looking beyond its own nose and tackling the issues of the future here and now. The focus lies on highly innovative solutions, which offer perspectives on both a technological and human level and which contribute to a shift in today’s society. Technology must be an enabler and a partner for people. Readers experience this relevance and closeness through the magazine's structure, which is divided into seven senses: Hearing, Smell, Taste, Movement, Touch, Proprioception, Sight.

With FREUDE.FOREVER, BMW and LOOPING GROUP in partnership with THEGAME show that high-quality editorial content can create free space in a fast-paced environment. The magazine sees itself as a haven of peace. Every issue of the 140-page publication features a different topic centered around modern luxury and enduring sustainability.

The magazine is available at newsstands, airports, and select hotels. Order your own copy in German or English, directly from our new shop, right here.