LOOPING GROUP launches a new podcast format: "GYSI VS GUTTENBERG" 

Words by

Anja Suren, Director Corporate Communications, LOOPING GROUP

LOOPING GROUP launches a new podcast format: "GYSI GEGEN GUTTENBERG", featuring two of the most popular (current and former) politicians of the last 3 decades: Gregor Gysi and KT Guttenberg. They will meet regularly, week after week, for an open conversation touching on the pressing issues of our time from their perspective. GYSI GEGEN GUTTENBERG is produced by Open Minds Media GmbH, a subsidiary of LOOPING GROUP's, and is marketed by Podstars by OMR. It launches June 14th and will be published every Wednesday. The first episode is titled: "Let's talk about loneliness" The podcast is available on all platforms. (Link to Spotify)

In the podcast, Gregor Gysi and KT Guttenberg want to establish something that we seem to lack these days: a constructive dialogue across (supposed) political divides. Despite their contrasting backgrounds – a left-wing icon from (East) Berlin and an aristocrat from Franconia – they believe in the power of conversation.