LOOPING GROUP publishes study on the communication of German cities

Words by

Anja Suren, Director Corporate Communications, LOOPING GROUP

How do German cities communicate? How have they adapted to modern communication challenges? And do they feel up to these challenges? LOOPING GROUP investigated these questions in a comprehensive study. The newsroom team around Roman Heflik, Director Newsroom, asked representatives of all German cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants to participate in an online survey. The results have now been documented in a whitepaper. The authors of the study, Roman Heflik and Laura-Maria Selke, Newsroom Consultant, come to the conclusion that although many cities rate their own media and marketing activities positively in this respect, they often improvise in complex situations. 

The LOOPING GROUP Whitepaper provides detailed information about the preferred communication channels, the role of traditional media and the biggest challenges and opportunities in city communication. Based on the survey results, the authors also ranked the most popular communication channels and the most promising topics for cities.