LOOPING GROUP reaches Gen Z with TikTok brand H4CK

Words by

Anja Suren, Director Corporate Communications, LOOPING GROUP

LOOPING GROUP is the publisher of recently launched Generation Z brand H4CK, a Berlin-based culture magazine reaching a worldwide audience of millions. Within eight months of organic growth, H4CK gathered over 20 million views, 1.5 million likes and almost 100,000 followers. The editorial format explores and explains fast-moving trends, social codes, and emerging subcultures that appear inside and outside the digital sphere. Besides showcasing the city's dynamism and creative freedom, the Berlin editorial team taps into the city's soul through interviews with renowned authors, journalists, and experts. H4CK focuses on telling constructive stories and experimenting with innovative formats. Thus, H4CK establishes a new kind of journalism that is relevant, entertaining, and surprising for Generation Z.

H4CK is part of LOOPING GROUP's New Media Brands division. A dedicated editorial team created an independent brand to reflect the diverse identities of Generation Z and promote their DIY spirit in the digital space. Since 2022, Marie Dapoigny serves as editor-in-chief of H4CK. The New Media Brands division is lead by LOOPING GROUP Co-Founder Peter Greve.