LOOPING GROUP takes a bold step forward with LOOPING ONE 

Words by

Anja Suren, Director Corporate Communications, LOOPING GROUP

Today marks a significant milestone for LOOPING GROUP as we unveil our new venture: LOOPING ONE. This marks a strategic move to refine our agency business into a focused and thriving subsidiary. 

Within seven years, we have become Germany's leading Brand Media Haus with a strong British foothold and are proud to introduce our new venture LOOPING ONE. This new addition to our family is specialised in newsroom consultancy, brand strategy and immersive storytelling across all channels.

In a world where the media landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, LOOPING GROUP recognises the urgent need to simplify complex communication processes for businesses. LOOPING ONE rises to this challenge by providing a unified "ONE VOICE" strategy to guide brands through the ever-changing tides of content overload. 

"We want to offer everything from one source: Setup, strategy, story." says Michael Wingendorf, managing director of the LOOPING ONE team, in an interview with W&V. What's new is the "Simplexity" organisation, which enables efficient processes and integrated work.

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Information and continuous updates on LOOPING ONE can be followed on the LinkedIn account.