LOOPING GROUP’s work and surf

Words by

Luana Walter, Junior Social Media Editor LOOPING GROUP

#WORKATION (work + vacation) with LOOPING GROUP for the first time in the Portuguese surfer's paradise Cascais!

Ten Loopers won a week of work sessions under palm trees and surfing lessons on Cascais' picturesque beach. For mental clarity and a break from everyday life.
We believe that it doesn't matter where and when you do your job, but that you do it well. After months dominated by the pandemic, the workation brought us new motivation and fresh energy. We will continue to organize such trips in the future. A special place, away from the daily grind, to network with colleagues - that was great!
Those who attended raved about the event:

"Participating in a workation with unknown colleagues from different locations was a liberating blow after many home office days. Working together, eating together, simply living together showed me how important a socially-oriented work-life culture is and how much it contributes to my well-being." - Tim Zawiasinski, Junior Manager, New Business & Product Development at LOOPING GROUP.

"The workation in Portugal has once again incredibly strengthened my sense of belonging to LOOPING: working in a relaxed atmosphere, the shared evenings, excursions and sports sessions have bonded us - as people and as colleagues. For me, it's very enriching to work with people who share the same values and yet are so uniquely different." - Verena Beck, Senior Editor, Editorial at LOOPING GROUP.

With this, an amazing new tradition has been unlocked. This trip will now take place yearly, as one of our LOOPING GROUP benefits.