OMR Podcast with Co-Founder Dominik Wichmann

Words by

Anja Suren, Senior Lead Corporate Communications, LOOPING GROUP

Editor-in-chief at the age of 27 — one of the major milestones in the professional live of Dominik Wichmann, who for years was one of Germany's leading journalists. In the meantime, Dominik founded LOOPING GROUP jointly with his three Co-Founders Robin Houcken, Rüdiger Barth and Peter Greve. In the #OMRPodcast, Dominik elaborates on how he went from agency founder to media entrepreneur — and why a vintage car ride led to his collaboration with a global star.

If you want to stay on top of LOOPING GROUP’s big picture, have a sneak peak into future plannings and listen to some of Dominik’s personal experiences, please find the whole podcast on APPLE MUSIC and SPOTIFY.